The Here and Now

Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living - Ernest Holmes by Charles Carlin
Ernest Holmes

The there and the then, the here and the now, are alike to the Mind that stretches into the past, comprehends the present, and measures the possibilities of the future.
In an attempt to place our finger on the present we find the flow of an invisible Cause already moving the present into the past and introducing a future. Our finger points to one place; the flow knows no place, no time – only being.

The Infinite has no concept of futurity. It is always here and now with the creative Mind of God. This is why the desire or prayer must be an already accomplished fact in the mind that conceives it.

The past reveals what we might have done, current events portray our present states of thought, the possibility of the future is already inherent in our imagination.

If we can catch the split-second of the eternal now, where the future is no longer bound to the past through a sequence of cause and effect, then today will be free from the bondage of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow

The bright and happy tomorrow of which we dream must not be thought of as though the imagination conceived them to be something that is about to take place. Rather they must become a part of our mental acceptance of the today in which we live. There is no better time than now. I Believe In living while we live and giving while we have – right now today.

Let your soul sing the song of today, and tomorrow’s song will be sweeter.
And So It Is

Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton - Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

Presented on June 16th, 2019 at
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living
Templeton, California