Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living - Ernest Holmes by Charles Carlin
Ernest Holmes

If we want to succeed start again if we are to succeed, we must think success if we are to be happy, we must think happily. If we are to be well, we must think healthful, constructive thoughts. If we are to get over confusion, we must think peace the Mind cannot accept what it rejects. It is the ability to think of primitively that gives us the Consciousness and the power to lift an experience out of chaos, out of lack and limitation, into happiness and abundance we are neither forgotten men nor are we favorites of God the question of success and failure remains where it belongs, in the Mastery of ignorance, in the overcoming of superstition, fear, and doubt, in the elimination of destructive methods, and in the conscious reversal of thought processes which denies Eternal good. Work without vision is drudgery, but Vision Without work is self-deception is self-deception. The well-balanced man can walk with his head in the clouds and still keep his feet solidly planted on the ground. Faith and work are ineffective when separated. Each in his own particular way is fulfilling the purpose of the life that is within him. We have every right to expect that our contribution will in turn draw to us ample supply, high success, and an ever-increasing expression of good. Only one person in the entire universe can hinder an individual from accomplishing this, and that person is himself. It is wrong to be unsuccessful, but success also means more than dollars and cents. Success means mental growth and spiritual attainment. As the greater includes the Lesser, so mental and spiritual growth includes material success, bringing with it personal happiness and temporal satisfaction. There is no real success without happiness, no happiness without peace and no peace without spiritual security.

Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton - Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

Presented at Templeton California
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living
on April 14th, 2019