Spiritual Banking

Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living - Ernest Holmes by Charles Carlin
Ernest Holmes

We all know that we have to have money before we can spend it. And how comfortable it makes us feel to have a good fat checking account, an account big enough to draw upon in emergencies without impoverishing us, especially when it comes to paying for our ordinary needs. Let us talk about another kind of account which is equally important. I am calling it your spiritual bank account because there are a great spiritual forces that we can draw on and deposit in our own minds. Which can be used in any emergency, or with any stress or strain in life.

As you already know all thoughts count and there are no unimportant moments. Every thought counts.  Now, if there was a ledger and each thought was an entry in the log, and the thoughts were either a debit or credit, or on the left or on the right for the accountants here today, then what would your balance be? Remember every thought is an entry into your spiritual bank account. Is it a deposit or a withdrawal? It is a debit or a credit?

Life has an infinite amount of everything, therefore there is always enough of everything to spare. The Infinite contains love and faith, peace of mind and Joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could build up an incredible spiritual bank account and hold it in reserve. . .  an account which you knew would be sufficient to meet all phases of your life? We are always being called upon to meet something every day . . . There are times when we need more love and tolerance, more kindness and understanding, a deeper faith and more. These are the real crisis of our life and it’s  at such times, unless we have a vast amount of good stored up, we not only become impoverished, but we sometimes become destitute of Hope. And then despair takes the place of hope, and then fear takes the place of faith. This is what we want to avoid.

How would it be if we would open our spiritual account with the Bank Of Life, and then realize that we were drawing on the infinite for our deposits. How about if each day we deposited more than enough hope, happiness, and Faith to more than meet anything we might encounter.

The wonderful part about this is that we know that life contains all these things and more.  Life wants to give them to us, freely.
In the Divine scheme of things, this is wonderful. So let us pray a little bit here:

God is love and all the love there is is mine now.  I shall endeavour to see something lovable in everyone I meet, in every situation in which I find myself, and as I do this I shall accumulate a great degree of love being deposited in my spiritual bank account. And when some experience comes along which seems unkind or unlovable, I shall be able to write a check on my spiritual bank account which will cover every liability of hate or unkindness.

Saying I am grateful for this is not enough. I am jump up and down happy and thankful for the love that surrounds me and I will continue to give all the love I have. Remembering the Abby Road album and Beatles song lyric “in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make” which sang better than the original writing “the love you get is equal to the love you give.”
So… Grateful – You Bet! I am ever So grateful for this precious life.

Thus… Happy Valentines day and remember that the love you get is equal to the love you give.”

And So It Is

Templeton Center for Spiritual Living - By Charley Carlin

From Living the Science of Mind By
Ernest Holmes pages 233-235
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living  
Templeton, California on February 11th, 2019